Invite, meet, share... together

This is holla - the brilliant new app that makes it simpler, quicker, and easier to meet up with your friends whenever and wherever you want.

Forget group emails, endless texts, answerphone messages and calls that can’t connect. With holla in your hand you control your world – and do it all in private.

How cool is that?

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holla puts you in total control of
who you meet, where, when and even why.

It’s fast. It’s intuitive. It learns. It multi-groups, it hooks up with Google maps, it lets you connect to your friends instantly and easily. And like that was enough:


    Are the guys out later? Open holla and you'll instantly see everything they invited you to, along with where and when.


    Want to meet your friends from college? From work? How about watching the game together or playing it? Meet on the beach or the park? Or go shopping? Want to meet just one, some, or all of them? You say who, where and when.


    Every time you send a holla you say who in your group is going to see it and for how long. Simple, private, clever.


    Whenever you receive a notification from holla you’ll actually want it as only you say which friends you want to meet.

Safe, secure, smart

It really is. Because we’ve put thousands and thousands of hours into making sure this will work the way you want it to. We love holla. We think it’s so cool but we know it has to be totally private as well as totally useful. So we made it that way.

And it’s powered by Google Places so you can either create your own place to meet or choose from millions of Google locations.

And there’s more.


Encrypted passwords, totally secure connections and you choose who can see each holla so everything stays private.


We listen, we re-code, we refine, and we deliver zippy little updates all the time so your holla keeps getting better.


Create as many friend groups as you want, pick different people for different meet ups and be in total control of the lists yourself (like ‘film’, ‘swim’, ‘gaming’, ‘party’ - whatever you want).


So the technology is really clever but the interface is friendly, simple and cool to use.

Excitement and Discovery

Holla is all about you and your friends. From planned BBQs and coffee mornings to the more serendipitous moments in infrequently visited towns and cities. Holla has one simple mission... make it easier to get together. Encouraging introverts to go out more by giving them a better view of a potential social situation and allowing the extroverts to invite people they normally wouldn't due to the direct but zero pressure way that Holla works.

  • Make getting together exciting again
  • Spend more time enjoying and less time planning
  • Trust and privacy based location sharing for peace of mind
  • Anticipation of getting a new holla

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